Francis Sullivan North Andover

Board Member of the American Cancer Society

About Me

Francis Sullivan North Andover, fondly known as Fran Sullivan, isn't just a figurehead in the advanced technology sector. Living in North Andover, he cherishes this town's perfect blend of work-life and leisure. Aside from being a seasoned executive, he is a golf enthusiast and an active American Cancer Society board member. His journey in finance and operations since 2009 has been paved with intriguing and successful pursuits.

As a leader in business, his prowess is reflected in his proficiency in customer optimization, category growth, and expansion into fresh markets. Fran Sullivan's ability to manage different categories, design business strategies, oversee product development and partner execution, and ensure cross-functional alignment is commendable. His strategic approach to pricing, customer segmentation, and product marketing has been instrumental in his success.

For startups and companies pivoting towards technology, Fran is a valuable asset. His knack for rejuvenating declining businesses, accelerating growth, and establishing new ones is unparalleled. As a team leader, his self-driven attitude complements his collaborative skills. His certification as a public accountant since 1995 further underpins his competence.

Francis X. Sullivan's expertise spans various domains, from strategic planning, product development, and brand management to team leadership and coaching. He shines in cross-functional alignment, relationship management, partner licensing, business analysis, and cost reduction strategies. His skills in forecast planning, tradeshow leadership, user experience improvement, and customer funnel optimization are also noteworthy. His eloquence in written and verbal communication underpins the seamless functioning of any business.

On the academic front, Fran holds a BS degree from Boston College and an MBA from Northeastern University. He has also served as an adjunct professor in the business school of a local college, bringing practical insights to the classroom.

Fran's management tenure includes his stint as a brand manager with Hasbro, overseeing family games, Play-Doh, and Transformers brands. His time at Wayfair as a senior merchandising manager and his current role as the digital category lead at MilleporeSigma demonstrate his competence in e-commerce, digital marketing, strategic sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management.

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